An old IBM Computer

A Short History of Advertising on the Internet #1

Since the advent of the internet, people have been using it to shill their wares. But how did the unique methods of advertising online pop-up? How was the amazing technology behind programmatic advertising develop and how did the likes of Google and Facebook become such behemoths in the world of online advertising? These are the topics we’ll be looking at in part one of a two-part piece on the history of advertising on the internet.


A Carlsberg ad with a built in beer pump

The Carlsberg Beer Pump: How is it legal?

The Carlsberg Beer Pump on Brick Lane must be seen as a viral marketing success. But there is something which has played on my mind: how is it legal for a company to give out free beer to passersby? How do they stop violent scenes occuring and how do they stop children drinking it – if they even need to.