Hi, I'm Rory and I'm a marketeer


The desire to be innovative is my greatest motivation. I love using data to reach people in creative ways. In my career I’ve worked on some amazing, award-winning, multi-channel campaigns.

Currently, I’m Head of Performance at the Hut Group, driving the digital strategy for some of the biggest online brands in the world and helping to drive huge revenue growth and record profits.

Before that, I headed a team of world-class data scientists and commercial analysts, torturing data until it gave away all of it’s secrets. I’m an expert in marketing measurement and attribution. I love to learn. I hate looking backwards.

  • Google Adwords
    Bing Ads
    Google Shopping
    Feed Optimisation

  • Facebook Ads
    Twitter Ads
    Pinterest Ads

  • Google Analytics
    Conversion Rate Optimisation
    Funnel Strategies
    Marketing Attribution

I like chatting about marketing, data and innovation over a double espresso.

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